On May 16, 2018, a kickoff networking dinner took place to introduce the business concept of the Young Leaders Club in Naples, FL. Co-sponsored by Arma Communications, a specialized business strategy and marketing agency, the introductory dinner was held at the 7th Avenue Social restaurant in downtown Naples. A hand-selected collection of local business owners and influences with international connections attended this marvelous outreach event.

Young Leaders Club (YLC) was launched to bring business leaders across the globe together. In a world of crises and short term thinking, YLC has been able to seize the passion required to succeed and make young professionals go further and be remarkable in the business jungle.Speakers from blue-chip companies or hot start-ups along with faculty members of top-notch universities worldwide, combined with a great environment for networking and developing new ideas—these are the mortar keeping YLC’s ascending structure together.

“There are so many international opportunities available for business owners and networking helps us make the world that much smaller,” said CEO of Arma Communications Tiffany Muehlbauer. “When we moved to Naples, building up our network was everything to help our business grow and flourish. Now that we are exploring expansion opportunities, it’s fantastic to be able to reach out to international business owners we meet via YLC.”

Young Leaders Club is a partnership opportunity for Sustainable Projects Group Inc. with SP Groupe (Europe) AG. We appreciate the opportunity to meet and network with local business owners and influences while enjoying delicious cuisine!