The Sustainable Projects Group Inc. team was honored to attend the soft launch event for one of the company’s portfolio companies, HERO Wellness Systems Inc, during the Sundance Film Festival. The two-day, invitation-only experience took place at the Rand Luxury Lounge at the St. Regis Deer Valley on January 25th and 26th of 2019 and gave companies the chance to showcase their product while helping film industry professionals and talent take a break amidst the action.

The event was an opportunity for CEO Stefan Muehlbauer and the team to display the HERO Wellness Systems brand to the perfect target audience and get honest feedback during the unveiling of their newest product, the HERO Chroma Wellness System.

Personal health and fitness are vital for our overall well-being. Unfortunately, 97.3% of Americans do not live a healthy lifestyle and open themselves up to health risks such as cardiovascular disease. HERO Wellness Systems focuses on increasing the overall health and wellness of their consumers so they can live a happier, less stressful life.

The optimal relaxation solution for accomplished, hard-working executives, professionals, and top athletes, the HERO Chroma beautifully meets the physical demands of those known to frequently push the limits, resulting in experiencing reduced energy and decreased performance.

The key to providing the ultimate massage is the chair’s 3-D “massage robot” and integrated body scanner sensors, which individually adjust to the shape of your spine. This customized, unsurpassed approach to total relaxation allows each user to have the perfect full-body massage, relieving tension from head to toe.Among the positive feedback received at the event: “The best massage chair!” and “I feel so relaxed now!”

A huge thank you to Bradford Rand and his team at RAND Luxury for this unique experience and the opportunity for HERO Wellness Systems to showcase their product.