In January 2019, Sustainable Projects Group’s CEO Stefan Muehlbauer visited Switzerland during the industrialization and upscaling process with Cormo AG to establish the foundation of the Cormo USA setup.Cormo USA, based out of Florida, is a joint venture founded in 2018 between Switzerland-based Cormo AG and Sustainable Projects Group Inc.

Cormo’s technology converts corn field waste into value added products such as peat moss substitute & alternative materials. Cormo USA Inc offers the solution for turning corn-field waste into a 100% sustainable peat moss substitute (TEFA) for the agricultural industry and foam products (BABS) for material science use (air filters andbuilding materials, for example).

Looking to establish the first production projects on US soil before the end of 2019, Cormo USA Inc. will utilize the massive corn volume harvested in the United States (as well as the significant demand for sustainable peat moss, filtration products and more) to gain a foothold in the agricultural industry and provide a better alternative for farmers and their fields.

Production-scale solutions for raw material harvesting and processing have been tested for several years.The result is a modern, economically attractive production process with consistently high product quality.

In addition to continuously providing a consistent quality of TEFA and BABS products and proudly promoting their contribution to the conservation of the environment, Cormo USA offers products that are world novelties and offer exciting new business opportunities.