When we assist sustainable companies to gain a foothold and expand to make a difference in the world, it touches a lot of lives personally. At SPGX, we are committed to our focus on solving megatrends in sustainability. During the week of June 23rd to 28th, 2019, portfolio company CORMO USA was excited to be part of the annual Rush County Fair that was held in Rushville, Indiana. The fun event provided an opportunity to meet many of the farmers and people we will be working with going forward. Additionally, the fair was a chance to put a familiar face on Cormo for the people of the community.

The SPGX team was able to present a better overall picture of CORMO USA’s expansion plans, our production process, and how farmers can begin to get involved. CORMO USA will allow farmers to increase their profit on every acre of corn grown. That’s money that can be used to pay their debts, make investments, and bring the next generation back home so that they can work on the farm, too.

The Rush County residents were incredibly gracious and welcoming and asked questions about the new manufacturing site and job openings. We got the chance to introduce actual samples of several of our products (TEFA and BABS) so that the general public could better understand what will be created in the production facility in Rushville.

We’d like to thank Rush County for the warm welcome and the Rush County EDC for their sponsorship.