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SPGX Development Platform

The aim of the SPGX development platform is to secure an extensive array of new and promising projects to expand our geographic footprint, drive growth and sustainability. We achieve this by bringing benefits of scale and enabling diversification of risk. Through the provision of consulting and advisory services for SMEs we position ourselves at the forefront of sustainable development and strategic investment opportunity.

To have a consistent flow of projects in our pipeline, we are continually evaluating new and exciting possibilities through our vast network of partners that will aid in our expansion through the acquisition of business development companies and gaining ownership in SMEs.

To that purpose we have established the Young Leaders Club dedicated to bringing projects from the new generation of brilliant minds shaping our future. We have created our own platform of young leaders who present at events we organize around the world in America, Europe, Africa and Asia to educate and empower investors. Visit the link for upcoming events.

My Factor. IO AG

SPGX acquired 100% of the shares of AG – a Lichtenstein based business development company for SMEs. The company has management with the experience and infrastructure to develop SMEs and issue bonds. AG currently has a 75 Mio Euro bond listed on the Vienna exchange which is a key component for the development of SMEs on our platform. This acquisition has given SPGX the opportunity to further broaden its range of consulting and business development expertise.

SP Group (Europe) AG

SP Group (Europe) AG

SPGX holds a 15% stake in SPG AG – a consulting firm based in Switzerland with a focus on company development. As a stakeholder in SPG, we are able to support companies by generating solutions that positively influence and secure our clients market position. We are able to achieve this through close collaboration with our international network of strategic partners.

Falcon Projects

Falcon Projects AG

SPGX holds a 10% stake in Falcon Projects AG – a company active in the national and regional real estate market of Switzerland with a strong focus on the development and sale of real estate projects. With a proven track record of providing bridge financing and refinancing solutions to the commercial real estate and project development industry, Falcon Projects is a valuable addition to our portfolio, broadening our network of investments and partners in various commercial industries.

Gold Properties

Gold Properties