Originally the brainchild of a Swiss Entrepreneur team, the Gator Lotto app was developed to solve the problem of missing out on lotto winnings due to forgotten tickets. The development team launched version 1.0 at the end of 2016, setting milestones in ticket recognition reliability above those of the competition.

Sustainable Projects Group acquired the software and development rights to the app in 2018 to further develop the optical recognition technology, speed and user friendliness. In 2019 the company launched version 2.0 of Gator Lotto as a modular framework to be developed into a multi-local licensing-based business model.

Sustainable Projects Group Inc. holds 100% of the Gator Lotto technology.

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November 2016 – Launch of Gator Lotto 1.0

May 2018 – SPGX Acquires all technology rights to Gator Lotto

February 2019 – Launch of Gator Lotto Version 2.0

Project Mentor

Tiffany Muehlbauer

Phone 239 307-2921
Email address:

In the News

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Stefan Muehlbauer discusses the Florida Lottery, the difficulties of developing apps and the great achievements of Gator Lotto.

Gator Lotto Viral Launch Video

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