Sustainable Projects Group Inc. recently took the lead role in the US commercialization of Cormo’s patented technology. (Cormo USA Inc is a joint venture of Switzerland-based Cormo AG and Florida-based SPGX.) Earlier this year, the big question remained: Where will the first CormoUSA manufacturing facility be located? It wasn’t a question we took lightly, to say the least. After all, it’s not as simple as looking on a map and pointing at a site location.

When establishing a new location in the United States, it’s important to review all the alternatives for the company’s placement of production facilities, headquarters, or other resources. There are many factors to consider, including cost of living, workforce availability, corporate taxes, building costs, and others. Also, we must consider end consumers in each state who would benefit from partnerships and sourcing of products.

Currently, SPGX is in the process of constructing its first U.S. manufacturing plant in Indiana for Cormo USA. With development of the first production site having begun, Cormo USA aims to process a small batch of corn field waste by January 2020, with continued process improvement and capacity increases for the following harvest cycles.

SPGX establishes relationships with local, regional, and state governments, as well as relevant economic development agencies and commerce partners. These vital relationships also help us to gain insight regarding business expansion opportunities, grants, and other funding opportunities.