Relationships lead to new opportunities. An integral part of the SPGX business model is network building and creating relationships.

Relationships with representatives in local, regional, and state governments are important to build awareness about ongoing projects, gain support for our ventures and build political momentum for relevant issues. These vital relationships also help us to gain insight regarding business expansion opportunities, grants, and other funding alternatives.

Sustainable Projects Group Inc. (SPGX) CEO Stefan Muehlbauer met with Florida representatives in March 2019, regarding water quality improvement initiatives in the state, relevant to portfolio company Cormo USA Inc. Cormo USA has water filtration opportunities with its product BABS made from cornfield waste. Currently, the company is in the process of constructing its first U.S. manufacturing plant in Indiana, having received incentives from state and local authorities.

The exhaust air of animal halls, composting plants, slaughterhouses and the like contain high concentrations of ammonia and odors. Ammonia is a large-scale environmental pollutant and odor pollution is increasingly causing problems with the neighborhood.Cormo, in collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences Friborg, has developed a process for the acid impregnation of BABS and for the treatment of this exhaust air. The process is simple and inexpensive to buy and reliable in effect.

Cormo has also found a way to make loose BABS granules into bonded packaging pieces and boards that are similar to Styrofoam, yet renewable and fully biodegradable.

All of this would not be possible without strong support from local, state & federal officials, and we are grateful for this support.