SP Group at a Glance

SPGX is a multinational business development company positioned at the perfect intersection of growth and sustainability. We are the positive disruptive force we’d like to see in the world, delivering lasting, tangible, and inspiring results for large enterprises and SMEs.

We support our partners with experience in supplying revealing analysis, game-changing strategies, innovative concepts, and efficient project management. To us, this provides a clear opportunity to create a business development group to serve as a catalyst for stimulating and accelerating sustainable development for SMEs across all verticals and drive economic growth. It involves remaking out dated business models through effectively harnessing sustainable methods, offering an enhanced development platform and services to corporations and SMEs, as well as ensuring strong management, processes and systems.

Our strategic development platform is positioned to propel the development and growth of companies through share ownership as well as positively impact societies through lasting change and the creation of wealth. We help SMEs through partnering, consulting and management of their business operations in a sustainable way to create value and accelerate growth.