Our Strategy

SPGX utilizes the following strategies:

  • Scalable Investment, Risk Management, and Compliance
  • Best-Class Portfolio
  • Innovative and Differentiated Product Offerings
  • Key Priorities
  • Extensive Outreach

Scalable Investment, Risk Management and Compliance

Our combined global institutional knowledge and extensive local insights and experience position us to access capital, liquidity and funding to support growth and enhance the competitiveness of our existing operations. We have become the partner of choice for companies and investors through our consolidated market position and comprehensive and effective risk management and corporate governance policies and procedures across our network.

We maintain constructive relationships with the regulators in the markets in which we operate. Our active engagement in the jurisdictions where we operate allows us to position ourselves as a sounding board for supporting the evolution of regulatory frameworks for the future, particularly with respect to increasing regional integration, development and investment opportunities across borders.

Best-Class Portfolio

We work with and attract companies with a proven track record and teams who share our passion for sustainability and our mission to effect change in the world. To increase financial inclusion for our clients, we focus on partnerships and alliances that leverage complementary competencies in the sector.

Our strategy is to generate sustainable growth in earnings and attractive returns on investment and assets. We deliver on this objective by way of obtaining market share, driving acquisition synergies, and locating development projects, products and services to generate above-market growth. Our investment strategies are designed to be universal and integrate the social, environmental and economic pillars of development to transform societies and economies for a more sustainable future in addition to the financial returns investors are looking for.

Innovative and Differentiated Product Offerings

We leverage technology to provide excellent customer service and create meaningful value for investors within the projected time and budget forecasts. Through effective and efficient front- and back-office infrastructure, we are able to more efficiently service existing customers, as well as increase financial inclusion.

Our focus in the markets in which we operate is on creating a culture that ensures implementation and ongoing adherence. This is achieved through a combination of information availability, risk management and corporate governance – critical to sustainable development.

Key Priorities

Our multi-dimensional approach to each project ensures safe, reliable and compliant operations, and the creation of a sustainable business atmosphere that benefits shareholders and local communities alike.

We aim to convey a sense of mission and establishment of values with the creation create a sustainable business atmosphere that benefits both our shareholders and local communities. The creation of an enabling environment for responsible investment and build country-level and regional capacity becomes the catalyst for development and support the implementation of sustainable development. We achieve this through the lens of private sector-led investment to improve the enabling conditions for stockholders in clean natural resources.

Extensive Outreach

Through our international management and advisory board, we are uniquely positioned to provide responsible investment for inclusive growth and sustainable development across the globe.

We are committed to high standards of corporate governance and all of our advisors, partners, and team members conduct their duties thoroughly and with rigor. In particular, our corporate governance is built to support our business objectives and benefit all of our stakeholders.

Our regional activities and partnerships extend the reach of our broader activity to capture global perspectives and address local challenges for strengthening sustainable development pipelines. Through careful due-diligence and collaborations with well-established companies with substantial track records, we deliver strong, stable returns, and make the world a better place.