• Safe, reliable and compliant operations
  • Disciplined financial choices
  • Competitive project execution

Our Strategy

First class portfolio

We choose our investments and partnerships only from well established companies with a proven track record and that bring solid project experience to the table. This lets us benefit from their local know how and expertise in the field, while allowing them to utilize our network of experts and management experience. Our portfolio is managed by some of the most qualified individuals in the field, who are part of the projects from start to finish. We focus on natural resource companies all over the world.

Wise financial choices and compliance

Our experience and expertise are key in allowing us to make astute and disciplined investments. Our portfolio is constantly monitored and managed to ensure that we are achieving our financial goals. We research the market for worthwhile investments. This balance allows us to be careful and compliant in delivering shareholder value.

All-round project expertise

We pride ourselves on delivering projects within the projected time and budget forecasts. Our experienced team achieves this through careful planning and by carefully monitoring the day-to-day operations. Our expertise in both the natural resources sector as well as business management makes us a trusted and valued partner both in the field and in the boardroom.

Key priorities

Our main focus in each of our projects is threefold. First, the operations are safe, reliable and compliant with local and international regulations. By doing so, we create a sustainable business atmosphere that benefits both our shareholders and the local communities.

Second, we only pick from the best investments and partnerships with proven track records. Our experienced management team has the expertise to choose the most worthwhile projects, enabling us to both grow our business and distribute value to our shareholders.

Third, our competence starts from the choice of projects and goes all the way to fruition. Our overall project expertise is the foundation of the trust investors and partners put in our company.

Unique capabilities

With our international management and advisory board, the wide range of experience and our unique network, we are very aware of our own capabilities and limitations. This is what drives our business plan, informing every investment choice we make. By only investing and collaborating with well-established companies with substantial track records, we are able to further benefit from their local expertise and know how. For this reason, a thorough due diligence before every opportunity is key to our strategy. We place special focus on the quality of the existing management and their knowledge of their field, so that the benefits of investment and collaborative partnerships benefit all.