• Safe, reliable and compliant operations
  • Disciplined financial choices
  • Competitive project execution

Our Focus

Exploration and Production

SP Group is committed to negotiating working interests in a broad range of natural resource projects around the world. By utilizing the local know how and expertise of companies that operate our interests, we benefit as non operators from low-risk opportunities to provide a steady stream of resources to the global market.

With SP Group funding a portion of the ongoing costs of exploration, drilling and production, we acquire the right to participate in the drilling activities and a right to the resources produced for market.

Working participation interest programs are excellent mid- to long-term investment opportunities, in that the outcome and the risk can be predicted to a certain degree. This side of the business allows us to strategically invest our resources in companies with a substantial track record, benefiting both SP Group and the operator of the interest, as well as the country or area in which the exploration or production is taking place.

Investment and Collaboration Agreements

SP Group makes value-based investments into global leaders across the natural resource industry. SP Group’s aim is to invest into undervalued global companies by direct investment. As well, SP Group is negotiating investment and collaboration agreements with various global leaders across the natural resource industry.

With the current oil and gas prices, many explorers and producers have come into difficulties. A large number of listed companies in this sector have been disproportionately sold off or have shorted titles. This situation has led to great potential in the case of a rising oil and gas price coupled with shrewd restructuring. Recognized analysts confirm that the shares in this sector are dramatically undervalued by up to 57%.

With our experienced and expert management team and our clearly defined investment plan, we see massive potential for the future of natural resource exploration and exploitation. By carefully investing in publically traded companies, picked for their substantial track records, their expertise in the field and the quality of their management, we are firmly positioned to benefit from the inevitable change in oil and gas prices.